Welsh Varsity flops as Students Struggle with Affinity and Part-Time Fans


Welsh Varsity
Welsh Varsity was rubbish

Once the highlight of the Welsh University Sporting calendar, Welsh Varsity 2017 was a complete and utter flop, with a crowd of just 20,000, compared to the 150,000 that used to pack in to the Cardiff Arms Park in its glory days, when Pontypridd also used to enter an invitational side.


It comes after Welsh students at the Universities realised they had no affinity to their University teams. It got particularly confusing for the Ospreys supporters who attend University in Swansea.

“As an Osprey’s fan, I’m always being told that #OurBloodIsBlack so I really just couldn’t get behind the Green Army, who were telling me to ‘Bleed Green’. My allegiance is with Ospreys, even though this is an entirely separate and different competition, which isn’t professional like the Ospreys. It’s all about affinity and real universities or something. I just can’t get behind it”

It seems that this is not an isolated feeling- Cardiff Students were also heard complaining. “We’re Cardiff Blues, so to be wearing red was confusing. I’m not a Scarlets fan, west certainly is not best, but I prefer Cardiff to Swansea, so what should I do? Varsity is a hybrid farce, run by the Irish. Coincidence that Swansea wear Green? I think not”

Fans also complained of the nature of the day- whereas at inter-university sporting events the real fans usually come along and support games in a monotone fashion, Varsity is much more like Judgement Day, where the part-time fans, ‘the boozers’ come out and spoil the day by creating an atmosphere and actually showing support for their teams, whilst also putting much needed cash behind the bars.

However, that’s not to say that everybody was put off by the day- Tommy Bramwell, Saracens and England fan said “Today has been great. Other than the Welsh fans moaning about affinity and anything else they can, the rest of the students have really come together. I mean, ‘I’d rather be a Swan than a c***’ as they say around here!”

What was clear from Welsh Varsity 2017, is that Welsh fans want affinity and real universities, not the current hybrid farce run by the Irish elite. They want it to be run by the English elite instead. They look nice.

Tongue firmly in cheek here. Currently ducking from fire. If this is my last post, it’s been a blast.

The Scribbler, 10th April, 2017

Twitter: @RugbyScribbler



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