The Guinness Pro12- It’s better than you think

“I’m not naïve enough to think that the league isn’t facing significant challenges. But for me the whole conversation around it needs to change. It needs the national media in the four nations and fans to get behind the league and highlight the positives.”

I’ve long been in this camp. Sure, the league has its problems and it has things to improve on, but for those of us who get down to the grounds and take a step back from talking rugby for once in a while and just watch, we realise that we actually have a pretty good product.

In the full article, linked below, Kevin O’Brien goes on to demonstrate the strength in depth of the league and identify the differences between the European leagues. Whilst this is a positive article, it doesn’t ignore the problems which the Guinness Pro12 is facing. He ends with this ‘call-to-action’.

“So get out to a match. Bring your wife, your kids, your family and friends. Go see speedsters like Hogg, Williams, Healy and Seymour scorching to the try line or bruisers like O’Donnell, Henderson or Hardie as they tackle all in sight. Enjoy the awesome power of the likes of CJ Stander, Sean O’Brien or Nick Williams mowing down the opposition. Spread the word that the Guinness Pro12 is a quality league full of top class, exciting players. You never know you might enjoy it.
Your league needs you.”

The full article is available, here.

Rugby World also recently did a head-to-head of players in the Pro12 and Aviva Premiership to see which team would boast the strongest players in each position. You can read that, here.

Finally, you can check out my overall thoughts on the Pro12, from January, here.

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The Scribbler, 22nd September, 2016

Twitter: @RugbyScribbler



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