England vs Wales – Pointers from the ‘Pointless Game’.

A look at the ‘Pointless’ England VS Wales game at the weekend. Many claimed it to be a cash cow for the Unions, which was perhaps correct in part.

Despite wide spread claims that it was irrelevant and that people wouldn’t care about the result, I would imagine that many Welsh Rugby fans can’t help but feel bitterly disappointed to have their almost full strength side downed five tries to one against an experimental English side.

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The Scribbler, June 2nd, 2016

Twitter: @RugbyScribbler

scrumble pie

So, what points can we take from the ‘pointless game’? England were rubbish, then good, against a Welsh side that were poor. It wasn’t a thriller. And yet, we scored 5 tries. Odd. Still, from an England perspective, there was a lot to digest from the inaugural Old Mutual Wealth Cup (which despite ‘Old’ being placed in its title is very much new, nice try) ahead of the tour down to ‘straya.

While this was an undoubted good result, and would have been much more emphatic if Ford had kicked his goals, we don’t think it will change much ahead of the selection for the test sides on tour. Solid debuts and performances from squad players who came into the team, namely Mullan, Yarde, Watson, and Launchbury especially, were positive. However, it has raised discussions over two key areas, the back row and the midfield, with the others looking pretty…

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