PRO Rugby in America- An Insight

usa-rugby-pro-rugbyIn its inaugural season, PRO Rugby America has shown promising signs. A refreshing attitude to keeping the game fast and exciting, female referees, inventive ideas to help new fans (red line on jerseys shows what is considered a high tackle or not, for example) and crowds of a couple of thousand- more than many expected.

To top it all off, the league is going to expand in size next year and wants the fans to help with the names of the teams to try and create a real fan affinity and heart to each side.

In this brilliant insight, Canadian International and PRO Rugby San Diego Captain, Phil Mackenzie, gives us his inside view on PRO Rugby USA in its opening season.

The article is available, here.

Applications to name your team are now open, and there is further information on the league’s website;

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The Scribbler, 21st May, 2016

Twitter: @RugbyScribbler



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